Minecraft Parody Songs

Minecraft parody songs are fun to listen and easy to make. You pick a song you like and rewrite the lyrics about minecraft. I have made a few remix songs. There is alot more parody to songs if you look up, Minecraft Parody.

In this song, it about the Hunger Games that are in the minecraft game. Mitch/BanjanCanadian wrote the lyrics and another guy rapped it. It will say more about that after the song. The guy after the video is Mitch/BanjanCanadian. He is a famous minecraft youtuber.

I personally enjoy listening to the remixes because they are cool. There are some songs that I don’t like that are parody. Another youtuber that i like that makes minecraft parody are Brad Knauber. He makes most of the songs that i listen to.

Good teachers.

A great teacher that I had over the many years I was in school was when I lived in Hillsboro ND. Her name was Jan Leidholm. Some information about her. Mrs. Leidholm grew up in Hillsboro and graduated in 1977. She has undergraduate degrees in Elementary and Special Education from the University of North Dakota along with a coaching minor. Mrs. Leidholm has taught second grade at Hillsboro Elementary School for thirty years. She has also worked as the summer librarian and as the Traill County Youth Director.

Another good teacher I had been in Hillsboro was Mark McLean. He was my second grade teacher. Some information on him, Mark McLean was born in Devils Lake in 1964, but attended elementary and high school in Hillsboro, graduating in 1982. He completed his BS in education from Mayville State University in 1987. Mark began his teaching career in Hazen in 1987, where he taught first fifth then third grade. When he returned to Hillsboro he taught third grade also, but now teaches fourth grade. Mark was inducted into the Mayville State Comets “Athletic Hall of Fame” in 2008.

I personally think that a good teacher is that they are not mean and they like all of their students and not just choosing a few of them to pick on like my teacher Mr. Schwartzenberger. He gives us a lot of homework and I don’t like it. He just wants us to be bored and in mental pain.
That is my definition of a good teacher.

NBA Biggest Flops

Alot of people in thew NBA are floppers. Examples of people who flop are Lebron James, Royal Ivey, Gerald Wallace, and more. A flop is to fall or plump down suddenly, especially with noise; drop or turn with a sudden bump or thud. It is a FAIL. 

Lebron James is the KING of flops. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8rGCH_HRdQ. When he flops he is terrible at doing it but he still gets away with it. Lebron is one of my favorite NBA players but he has to quit flopping.

NBA has to change the rules that you can’t flop. It is getting out of control. Someone stop this MADNESS!

My Day

First in the morning I wake up and go take a shower. I get out from the shower and then i brush my teeth. I get dressed and then eat breakfast. I get my shoes on and then I go to the Napoleon Public School.

At school, I first go to math then FACS and then i go to either gym or health and then i go to computers. Next i go to lunch and after that i go to the gym and hang out for about 15 minutes. Then i go to English, then science, then i go to study hall. Then i leave to go home.

When i am home, i do and finish my homework. Then i go outside to jump on the tramp. I go inside and play on my phone. I eat supper. I watch TV and then eat my bedtime snack. I shower then put on a pair of shorts and then i jump into bed. Then my day starts all over again.